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Sachin and the World Cup hype!

On » Wednesday, February 9, 2011 //
I am writing this post when it is just less than ten days left for cricket's biggest carnival to take place on the subcontinent. I was just surfing through the news channels. And was astonished to see how pathetic the 'special' coverage were on each news channel. 

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Theres so much hype around the Indian team. I mean just look at the ads! Captains walking on the ropes, and Dhoni falling midway but ultimately reaching the Cup! I have failed to understand the hype around Sachin Tendulkar. I am a die hard fan of that man. And even the fellow cricketers talking about "Sachin ka sapna pura karenge!" The news channels going ga-ga over "Sachin ka world cup!" 

Come on Guys Why are we building up so much pressure around him? Sachin is mentally tough, I am sure about the fact that he is not new to this media frenzy but making a tamasha out of this just for the sake of a few TRPs is really disgusting! Just attributing this world cup win for Sachin might backfire on the Indian Team itself! Why cant we just pray for a good game of Cricket and leave the God alone...?

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