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Man, this 'Butt' sure wont make you Hard!

On » Thursday, January 7, 2010 //

Hmmm... those college days... you liked that pretty girl... but how do you impress her? How do you show her how manly you are? Yes, pop comes the cigarette out of your pocket, you imagine yourself as SRK, lean against your bike and then just as she passes in front of you, you let that smoke ring fly out of your lips and give her a flirty smile! Well fortunately or unfortunately, the girl gets impressed by you. Days follow and you quite get a grip on her just as that filthy 3" butt strengthens its firm grip between your fingers. Well you two become so close, whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears and one day the romance builds up leaving both of you in bed! Okay now the time comes when the man in you is put to test. You try and try but the bloody thing doesnt go up! Your girl looks at you with surprised eyes and before you can do anything... BANG!!! The door slams behind you! Your dream of becoming a macho Dude just turned into a dud!

Okay let me come to the point. Impotence or Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection while having intercourse. The other ill-effects of smoking are very well known by those who smoke, but recent medical research shows that smoking is one of the leading cause of impotence in men. Well you will ask me how???

In order to maintain an erection, the blood supply to the penis should be adequately maintained. Smoking constricts the bloodvessels of the body, thereby reducing blood flow. As a result, many men find themselves unable to maintain an erection. 20% of impotent Smokers are also believed to have abnormally low blood pressure. This reduces the flow of blood to the penis. Low blood pressure is caused by atherosclerosis, the build up of fatty deposits, especially in penile area. This is thought to be engendered by arterial injury caused by smoking! Atherosclerosis decreases the calibre of your blood vessels reducing the amount of blood reaching your tool!

When your penis is erect it is because blood gets trapped inside it, once it enters and then there is no easy way out before you ejaculate. Now cigarettes have nicotine in them which dilates or open up these valves even before you let your passion unfold, frustrating both you and your partner leaving your head low, just as your dick!

So how do you avoid this embarrassment? One of the best ways to treat impotence is to prevent it in the first place. Stop Smoking! Yes, i know it is easier said than done, but there has never been a better time to stop than now. There are numerous aids available to help you quit this life-threatening and embarrassing habit, including patches, gums and medications. Think about it! Sticking that butt in your mouth will never make you a man than holding your lovers face in your hands, filled with content and deeply satisfying love... Enjoy your love life...

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