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Light of a new Beginning

On » Thursday, January 7, 2010 //

Its the 24th October 2009... and the clocks ticking in front of me... both the minute and the hour hand come together and embrace each other with the number 12 watching them from behind... it seemed as if they whispered sweet nothings in each other's ears and planned a wonderful journey again for the next 12 hours to meet at their same romantic spot...

I am just sitting in my room with my new lappie, just surfing through few of my medical sites as a pop up catches my attention... ... and Its Aritra, my twitter buddy... i read his tweet... "@aritrasen : @kirtitandel Blog has been launched with some new posts"

I click on the link that he provided me... His Blog 'Denken' was quite a nice one with him recollecting his first tweetup (meeting of twitter users from a particular geographical area) in Siliguri, West Bengal. I instantly got fascinated by this idea of blogging. I was aware i was too late on that, but as they say its never too late... I decided then and there - I am going to have a blog of mine - impulsive as I was! I was completely amazed as i browsed my other friend's blogs too and thought that I can too try my hand on this. Since childhood i had this habit of writing in my diaries but it was not that consistent... It never picked up in that sense...

So the next thing i did was opened this Blogger site and registered myself. The whole procedure took pretty much time to understand but I was enjoying it. Writing in a diary was like keeping all your thoughts to yourself but this Blog idea meant like broadcasting your thoughts to the world... a huge world! And then lot many ideas started creeping up in my mind... I always believe that whatever we do should be meaningful. I asked myself the same regarding my decision to blog. Then I thought I will use this tool for many other purposes too. At the moment apart from just letting my mind open I feel I will also use this blog to dispense out valuable medical and health awareness topics to you all. Because I believe awareness is very contagious... It spreads in no time. Like how American Author Jim Rohn says, "Words do two major things, they provide food for the mind and create light for understanding and awareness." And using this principle I want to do my bit to this mankind. And I am sure it will definitely help everyone.

Having said that now I am thinking of writing down a list of topics on which I will be posting. I hope you all will enjoy reading my posts as much as I do while writing them.

Here I would like to sincerely thank my Friend Aritra for that pop up which trigerred my brain to start this new journey. Thank you Dude... So here's wishing everyone a happy life and happy reading...

God Bless,


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